Image by Annie Spratt
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Eyebrows introduce you before you speak...

Brow shaping $45 (45 mins)

This is a complete brow restyle/reshape for a client who has never had their brows waxed before or the brows have grown out. It involves drawing/mapping and tweezers.

Brow tidy $20 (15 mins)

This service is for regular clients who are maintaining their brows (tweezing between the brows or on the outside of the brows). Also suitable for clients with very thin eyebrow hair.


Brow tint $20 (15 mins)

Brow wax (new client) $30 (30 mins)

Brow wax (regular client) $25 (15 mins)

Lash & brow tint $45 (30 mins)

Lash & brow tint & wax $70 (45 mins)

Brow & lip wax $40 (30 mins)

Brow, lip & chin wax $50 (30 mins)

Brow, nose & ears $55 (30 mins)