Beautiful hands are nothing less than enchanting...


Express manicure $40 (30 minutes)

Give yourself a time-saving treat with our express manicure. We start with a relaxing warm hand bath. We then file and shape your nails, work on your cuticles, and shine buff or paint your nails with a colour of your choice. You can also add the paraffin treatment and/or shellac for an additional charge. Description below.

Please see the Bond Deluxe Manicure for a manicure with full cuticle work and hand massage. 

Bond deluxe manicure $85 (60 minutes)

Wash away the impurities of your day with a soothing exfoliation of your hands. Your nails are clipped and filed.  Special attention will be paid to your cuticles so your fingers glow with health. You will then immerse your hands into a fresh hand bath.  A truly divine hand massage with Organicspa moisturiser is followed by a shine buff to give your nails a healthy shine or colour polish of your choice. You can also add the paraffin treatment and/or shellac for an additional charge. Description below.

Paraffin - additional $25 (15 minutes)

Paraffin is a soothing treatment which softens rough skin, improves circulation and soothes aches.​

Shellac - additional $20 (15 minutes)

Longer lasting and superior nail varnish.


(60 to 75 mins)

5 step overlay $75

4 step overlay $70

Infill $75

Add soak off $10

Toes $60

  • Gel nails are applied to the natural nail. 

  • No tips or extensions are applied. If length is the goal, we wait for the natural nail to grow out with the gel on.

  • 2-4 weeks with no chipping.

  • Non toxic, 5-star safety rating, vegan and not tested on animals.

  • Over 30 colours to choose from but over 200 colours available which can be ordered upon request.